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Ecommerce Experts Team

The web development agency ostec, was founded by Stefan Queisser und René Mittag in 1999. With their great PHP Experts Team they are working hard to create awesome e-commerce solutions for various companies. They are focusing on agile methologies based on Scrum and Kanban. Their strong need for quality awareness becomes manifested in test and behaviour driven development.

Mobile App, Web App, iOS App, Android App ... apps all over the place

A common buzzword through out the last years has arrived in almost everybodies everyday life. These small helpers, tools and games are not just fun but usually very useful. Sadly enough they are often lacking things we care about so much at ostec: performance, usability, data privacy and of course security.

UX Design Craftsmanship

Since we founded ostec our UX Design department had to deal with so many changes that even we can't remember all of them. Lots of things in this field went wrong and some inventions luckily vanished as fast as they came. For us all the possibilities mean a lot and we just love to take the challenges we usually master. It's just fun to bring a domain with cool web design to life.

ostec lab

The ostec lab was established in 2011. It's main focus is to create ideas, work on projects and try new technologies. Some products that are grown out of the lab are successfully positioned on the market by now.

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